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Draw It Out for Me: Infographics

10 Apr

Many people, from past generations and especially this one, are visually driven. They are visual learners, they believe things when they see it, they can view photos virtually anywhere, and they can see satellite imaging anywhere from space. And our cravings have only increased; therefore, it is no wonder that infogrpahics have remained so popular over the years.

Infographics can come in many forms and for many purposes, from the humble pie chart to venn diagrams to maps. I would also include models as a type of infographic.

Infographics provide us wih information from history. The one below was found at an archeological site in Israel. It demonstrates the differences in lagnuage between two cultures as well as the way life has changed over the last century. This exampe shows the primary purpose of an infographic, to inform and enlighten and to help grab a new concept through pictures and visual aid. Notice also how the infographic is vivid and cathces your eye.

Infographics are used virutally everywhere, from magazines to the stock exchange to the local gym. It provides a visual for concepts that are both easily tangible and abstract. It provides reinforcement for things we know has well as clarity for what is important. This is why they can be so useful in the world of public relaitons.

Pictorials and inforgraphics are often used for poll taking as well, as seen in this example below. It provides an aid in surverying snd allows one to get a viusal for percentages, which can have a much greater, more striking, and longer lasting impact than just a statistic.

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