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20 Jan

Go ahead! Let your voice be heard! Image credits: Mouth by juliaf

Comments are an important part of blogging because they allow conversations to take place between readers and writers. Readers can offer suggestions and opinions in a blog comment. However, blog comments also have a reputation of being somewhat useless tidbits. In the Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks comedy Larry Crowne, an exasperated Roberts said to her blogger husband, “You did not post a new story today! It was a comment! You posted a comment! As in, ‘you’re lame!'” Although just part of the whole blogging picture, commenting can be very important, but it must also be well executed.

“[Efficient] means working smart (rather than hard), getting more done in less in less time, and making things easy to handle,” said Jane Sheeba, author of Problogger Success and guest writer for So, much to the relief of many tentative bloggers, a good comment does not necessarily mean it is of novel proportions. Plus, too large of a comment may seem spammy. On the flip side of the coin, make sure your comment is long enough to properly contribute to the conversation. Unfortunately, “totally!” and “you rule!” do not make the grade.

Before you can even post a comment, you of course have to find a blog to comment on. Sounds time consuming? Sheeba has a method to save time.

“Reading a blog through[RSS] feeds is less distracting, even if I have email notifiers turned on,”said Sheeba.  I read the post in my RSS reader, and click through to the article online only if I want to leave a comment. That saves me loads of time!”

Sheeba also recommends promoting your own content via Twitter.

“Number one, you have to read the post,” said Chris Pirillo of in his youtube video how to leave good blog comments. It may seem obvious, but if you think back to high school, we all turned in book reports that were products of skimming over the material, but because of the concies nature of blogs, this method will not produce a firm enough understanding of the post you are commenting on.

“Also, add something new to the post. Don’t just say ‘I agree,'” says Pirillo. Ask yourself “Why do I agree?” Extend on a certain point in the blog you found especially enlightening. Pirillo mentioned in satire that adding personal commentary or anecdotes with your critiques to put a personality and character behind yourself as a random commentor.

Also, don’t forget to spell check and proofread! Nothing destroys your credibility as a blogger than a simple grammatical error. It also distracts from the points you are trying to make when you leave a glaring error. No one will notice if you spell a tricky word like “accommodations” or “colloquialism” or embarrassed” correctly, but they certainly will notice when you spell something incorrectly.

The last piece of advice is to browse through other comments before leaving your original.  This makes sure that you do not repeat a point that has already been said.

“The first commenter who makes the Lady Gaga comparison is savvy. The tenth person who does it is annoying,” said author Nathan Bransford in his blog.

Reviewing what other people have said for ideas and inspirations will actually help you cultivate a comment that is more fresh.


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