How Couponing Became Cool (again)

12 Jan

Just as the housewife of the American dream home donned her pearls and her apron to bake a pie, she also took a pair of scissors to the coupon book before heading to the market. But coupons are not just for moms anymore. In fact, they are becoming more and more synonymous with the young, trendy, and social-networking crowd, and much to the benefit of rising businesses, restaurants, and boutiques.

Image Credit: "Nest Egg 11" by tanyah

Thanks to sites such as Living Social and Groupon, couponing is not a lonesome activity but an activity that involves networking with friends. For example, if three of your friends also buy into a coupon that you bought and then suggested, you receive your coupon free. And coupons are no longer for the grocery. Sites offer savings for everything from French Bistros to massages to Barre lesseons. These sites are also a great opportunity for new business owners to get their name out there and attract potential clients.

“Living Soical and Groupon have enabled me to continue having an active lifestyle and do entertaining things with my friends and family in this economy,” said Michele Bowermaster, a faithful user of both sites.

” I have found many new places and services I did not know about.”

So what do you think about Living Social and Groupon? Love it? Already think it’s old news? Leave a comment below to weigh in.



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