Pink ribbons and heavy metals

24 Oct

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink is in season. The NFL has been sporting the color, and over the years, the Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Research Foundation has bathed over 200 landmarks worldwide in pink light, including the Empire State Building, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Sydney Opera House.  Since the founding of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985, both men and women have taken up a rose-colored crusade to find the cure and to educate others about the illness.

A sizeable number of families are impacted by cancer. Preventative measures are a concern among many people who fear that they or a family member may become another breast cancer statistic. Gynecologic Oncologist Dr. Richard Boothby discussed diet.

“You can powerfully influence your body’s genes by what you put into it,” said Dr. Richard Boothby. “Processed foods increase your risk.” Sugary foods should also be avoided. “Your body gets no real energy from sugar.”

Many people consider going vegetarian or vegan to stave off cancer. If this is in your plans, it is imperative to still get the nutrients you need, which can be done through supplements. “Vegetarians and vegans who do not take supplements can become anemic,” said Boothby.

Currently, approximately 200,000 women in the United States are victims of breast cancer, and incidents have risen over the past three years. However, Boothby says that not every woman should obsess about getting cancer.

“Although rates are high, not every woman is going to get breast cancer, especially those with no family history,” he said. “We are also now able to detect it at a much earlier stage.

So what is done to treat breast cancer? The most common and for many years the most effective way was through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses chemicals to destroy the cells of the body that divide rapidly, including normal cells of the bone marrow, digestive tract, and bone marrow. The devastating effects of chemo on its patients have caused doctors to research alternative methods for treating cancer.

Chelation purges the body of dangerous metals and toxins, the most common being lead, arsenic, and mercury. One of the most common forms of checking for these metals is a urine test. A chemical is given through an IV that bonds specifically to the toxins, not the healthy cells, and the toxins and metals are excreted as water like compound. Patients typically undergo between 10 and 20 treatments. Each treatment lasts several hours, and patients may read or watch a movie during the session.   These patients may also undergo message therapy as an extra mean of releasing toxins.

Another alternative treatment plan is juicing. Holistic treatment centers strongly encourage their cancer patients to juice vegetables as a dietary mean of fighting their cancer. Patients are discouraged from sugar and most meat and instructed to create juices from specific types of vegetables to ensure their bodies are more alkaline. Meats cause an acidic environment within the body. Such a Ph balance causes a more favorable environment for cancer cells to thrive.

Why do patients juice the vegetables rather than just eat them? Juicing creates a more concentrated form of the nutrients, and, as a liquid, the body can better absorb the nutrients. Juicing also allows for a more optimal amount and variety of vegetables.

Low acid foods include curry, guava, spinach, brown rice, honey, and fish. Foods that are the most acidic include soynuts, beef, lobster, processed cheese, and cocoa.

There are several cancer patients currently undergoing chelation therapy and other holistic treatments as an alternative to chemotherapy. One such patient is Erelda Waters, a victim of breast cancer who has had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy before turning to holistic treatments when the cancer returned. Although she   was a vegan from the time she was 16, she still got cancer. Chelation and juicing has helped her identify dangerous materials still in her body and discover the proper diet to keep her cancer at bay. Since beginning these treatments, her numbers have improved, though she has an exhausting schedule, spending hours a day juicing vegetables and making several trips from her native Florida to a treatment center in North Carolina .

“Sometimes it is hard to know what to do for someone that is suffering.  Many times there isn’t anything you can do but pray, but these treatment opportunities give people an outlet to help and encourage those that are suffering with this disease,” said Waters.

Waters hopes that other families can find healing within these treatment centers.

“Moms are important in every child’s life, and we need to save the moms. If there is something threatening the most important element of the family, we need to address it,” said Waters.

It is astonishing to both Waters and Boothby that there is not yet a cure for breast cancer and other cancers.

3 Breast Cancer Myths Debunked:

Myth #1: Sleeping in a bra, especially one with an underwire, increases your risk of breast cancer.

Reality: “This is completely false,” said Boothby. “Some women think this because it puts pressure on the breast, but such pressure will not cause cancer.”

Myth #2: Splenda or other sugar substitutes can cause breast cancer.

Reality: “I have not seen any data proving that sugar substitutes cause cancer,” said Boothby. “However, I do not recommend sugar substitutes to my patients because they contain chemicals.”

Myth #3: Soda products cause breast cancer.

Reality: “It is not the soda itself that causes cancer. It is the sugars you are ingesting,” said Boothby. “A diet high in sugar causes insulin levels to go up, causing many things, including a high risk of cancer or heart disease.”


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