Pleasing to the “Palette”: An Interview with Martin Waxman

24 Mar

Martin Waxman

“I have already me a number of the students on Twitter,” said Martin Waxman, president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. in Canada, in an interview with my public relations applications professor Barbara Nixon. This is a piece of a larger conversation about the evolution of communication through social media.

First and foremost, Waxman is a PR guy. He believes that the 3 pillars to success in public relations are “simplicity, energy, and integrity,” and some of the clients of his boutique agency include Proctor and Gamble, Olay, and comedy clubs. Waxman also hosts a once a week podcast that can be found on iTunes.
One of the things I took away from hearing the interview is what a PR professional such as Waxman likes about podcasts. For him, it is that you cannot go back and change the spoken word. When it comes to blogging, Waxman has a habit of writing and re-writing before finishing it. It is interesting to hear this perspective about podcasts being a purer form.

Aside from his agency, Waxman is a part time professor of social media for PR. He reminds us that today interactions take place in a second. He talked to Professor Nixon about what one should do to get a job or an internship in the evolving world of PR.

While traditional media are not completely archaic, it is important to stay on top of what is new. Waxman suggests following major communication’s blogs, following people in your field on Twitter, and, of course, using the social media in a smart way.

“A word of caution—be careful of spelling errors,” said Waxman. The repetition of this warning from various PR professionals makes it clear that it is a vital one to heed.

One thing in the interview that surprised me was the power of blogging and social media. Air Canada tried to compensate Waxman for a poor experience after catching wind about it from his blog (unfortunately about a year late). Still, communication and the methods through which almost anyone can be reached is swiftly moving away from traditional phone calls, e-mails, and office hours and into a virtual world through which communication occurs in a second through a keystroke. And it is mandatory to keep pace.


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