Twitter Chat: A Little Bird Told Me

21 Mar

JournChat in Twitter is a place PR people, bloggers and journalists (dubbed journos) to have conversation on Twitter. For the time that I joined, we discussed the declination of newsrooms, news via mobile phones, and what skills journalists should come prepared with in the evolving field.
All of these points are very intriguing to a girl looking for a career with a magazine, so this chat was definitely of interest for me to join. We discussed how part of the appeal of working in journalism is that you can work from almost anywhere. Many writers are now working from their homes, and travel or foreign affairs journalists typically write on location. We also talked about the loss of appeal of newspapers among young people. To the way they fold to their texture, they are just not favored by my generation. It is about online media or magazines in terms of print.
The problems I experienced were not the fault of the subject matter. I was not quite sure how to retrieve the answers, as the dynamic of Twitter chat is new to me. I also kept using the @ sign instead of the hashtag to send in my opinions. The conversation was also a bit fast paced, and at times it felt like I was talking to myself.
Using chat like a pro, like anything else, takes practice. I plan on chatting again with JournChat in the future. It was definitely beneficial to see the insights on journalism professionals about moving up in the field and the alleged death of print.
From this conversation, I learned that first of all these types of chats are even out there and that people make time in their schedules on Monday evenings to participate in them. It was also interesting to see a live stream of people’s opinions and ideas related to the field that I want to work in. For anyone interested in writing, I would recommend stopping by sometime to learn a little more about social media, writing, and the fast paced nature of a career in communications.


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