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31 Jan

Comment #1- Your Rong, Your Write

In response to Spelling Makes all the Difference by Emily Bos

I love this, because I could not agree more. Ever since Paris Hilton ventured out in a shirt that read “Thats Hot, Your Not,” it seems that no one can properly nail that contraction. Grammar seems to be a lost art, and it is only embarrassing the companies.
Another funny thing is the constant misuse of quotation marks. A recent article in Reader’s Digest illustrated how ads and billboards are starting to look like this:
fresh “eggs”
hot “bread”
tickets “required”
These questionable quotations definitely do not make me confident about the products or the companies!
Thank you for sharing this; I will definitely make sure to carefully review my posts so I do not make similar mistakes.

Comment #2
Invasion of Social Networks
In Response to Soical Media Life by Arianna Costadini

Facebook and Twitter are like alien invasions. They came fast and unstoppable, and now having one has become one of the characteristics of being human. I joined after I discovered that the only way to receive party invitations was through Facebook. I don’t know why it is so addicting, but having the Facebook app on my phone is the worst decision I have every made in terms of productivity. I am with you on not really being plugged into Twitter; the pound signs and other cryptic symbols that infest each post look like hieroglyphics and I am rather turned off by how they call your pictures “Twit Pics.” However, I must make one to keep up with the class I am enrolled in, and because I don’t want to miss a fun night out with any of my friends who may have converted to the little blue bird.

Comment #3- Stripes are not Forever

In Response to One Color, No More Stripes by Kirsten Maser

I occassionally listen to the White Stripes, but it is actually news to me that they split. What is interesting is that there is no clear-cut explaination given. However, the real force behing the disolving of several bands is still left up in the air. I am sure that they will continue to lead great careers, whether it still be through music or photography. Either way, Seven Nation Army will forver be thumping through my headphones.

Comment #4- Will You Accept This Rose?

In Response to Finding L.O.V.E by Jessica Ardrey

The Bachelor is indeed extremely addicting. In my opinion, it has become the Monday Night
Football for women, complete with screaming and rooting for a team. I think Ms.Money
fulfilled the role of the dramatic stand-out character that comes along every
season (like the Michelle in Jake’s season). However, I was quite surprised at the silence when she left
in the limo; she seemed half crushed and half embarrassed. I was expecting a lot more ado,
complete with a crying fit and a smackdown with Chantel O. on her way out.

To the question of true love, this show is nothing like reality. In Jake’s season one girl
sweetly asked “will we be able to have dates like this in real life, since you’re a pilot?”
And the answer is…Of Course Not!!! The concept of the show is brilliant, but reality definitely hits
the young contestants in the face like a brick after they leave the set, complete with a mansion,
helicopters, and zero responsibilties, like car payments and late nights at the office.

Comment #5- Teachers and cyberspace

In response to Dear Teacher, Watch What you Say by Elizabeth Telg

It does make sense that schools today, along with other professional institutions, would have a social media policy. Many schools set aside time for cyber-bullying awareness, so why shouldn’t expectations for media etiquette extend to the faculty and staff? This teacher’s behavior is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. Unfortunately, schools are far from being a safe-haven for kids and adolescents; students should not have the added stress of being accepted by their teachers as well as their peers. Thank you for sharing!

Comment #6- I want it!

In response to Things you didn’t even know you wanted by pindsha21 of poppressed

Wow these are definitely some interesting products that I would have never considered! You know there are people on the edge of technology (or wannabe techies) who are right on top of anything new and shiny. I am definitely curious now to try some of these, such as the alarm clock, the DJ system, and the soda kit. Cool read thank you for this!

Comment #7- Keep it Real

In response to What Happened? by seagirl29

For many professional bloggers and writers, it can be very tempting to embellish a story. This is for many reasons, such as appeal, impressing the editor or a boss, seeking attention as a story writer, providing entertainment for readers, and having a story that leaves a lasting impression. But overlooking fact checks, remodeling content, or just doing clumsy reporting are most definitely breaches of ethics. There is a fine line between news and gossip rags anymore, and reporters and bloggers should stay on their toes!

Comment #8- A Tattoo + U

In response to Tattoos: a 21st Century Perspective by Kendall Goodwin

I agree completely that today tattoos are not a main factor in finding employment, even if it is visible in work attire, especially for more artistic and creative fields. It is a decision that you should put thought into, but they can definitely be beautiful and classy. It is hard for employers to draw the line, but if you really think your tattoo will be an issue in the workplace, you should consult with yourself and figure out if a) you are really satisfied or happy at your job or b) if a tattoo really suits your personality. Personally,I couldn’t love my little tattoo more, and I am by no means the sterotype of a girl with tattoos. I agree that the stigma surrounding them is becoming outdated Thanks for the read!

Comment #9- A little more Oscar de la Renta, a little more tweeting

In response to Fashion PR Girls by fashioningthefuture

Fashion PR has a very strong online presence because, like you said, publics want a more intimate look at the daily routine of their favorite designers to feel a connection toward both the people behind the clothing and the line. That look into the line does indeed build a community and familiarity with the brand. However, these tweeting PR girls can bring about consequences. I am sure you know all about the Marc Jacobs interns who bad-mouthed the brand on the company’s Twitter account. However, it is still crucial for fashion houses to go on the web and build relationships via the social media.


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